1. Polaroid photos with For Sale written on one.

    Take a Photo

    Simply take a photo of an item
    to sell in one of our sales.

  2. A price tag with a dollar sign on it.

    We List Your Item

    Creating listings yourself is a pain, so we'll do it – for free.

  3. Buyers conversing about the price of an item.

    Choose a Buyer

    On the day of the sale, chat with buyers and make a deal.

A new way to sell stuff using your iPhone

  • List stuff in seconds

    Use your iPhone's built-in camera to snap photos of stuff you want to sell. No more syncing photos from a digital camera and uploading them to a website. The photos you take automatically become listings.

    Taking better photos improves the chances of your item selling, so grab our Photo Guide for tips.

    iPhone taking a photo of a guitar

    Sell in exclusive sales

    We regularly host one-day online sales in which you can sell your items. Each sale has a theme that is relevant to the time of year or popular trends. We notify you whenever a new one-day sale is announced so you can submit items to be included.

    We've got plenty of fun sales planned for this year, giving you lots of opportunities to sell stuff – pretty much anything but your car, your house, or your dirty laundry.

  • Get a fair price

    Our software gathers pricing data from across the web and estimates the value of your item. Our goal is to ensure that you get a fair price for your items and also sell them quickly. However, if you want more control, you're welcome to set your own price.

    Create listings instantly

    Listings are created using the photos you take of your item, combined with your iPhone's location and data collected from the web.

    Most items can be listed without any intervention from you, but if you have a rare or unusual item, we will respond by asking for additional information.

    A listing tag pinned to a polaroid of your item

  • Get push notifications

    Receive notifications whenever a sale is starting, or when a buyer is interested in one of your items. Never miss a potential sale.

    iPhone push notification alert dialog

    Chat with buyers in–app

    Messages from interested buyers are delivered in-app instead of clogging your inbox with emails.

    Chat bubble that asks if you will take $300 for your espresso machine

    Your personal information is kept private – buyers only see your first name, last initial and general location e.g. SoMA, San Francisco.

    When you've found a buyer you like, you can complete the sale on your own terms.